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Welcome to Open Door Philosophy! A podcast where a current college philosophy student and his former high school philosophy teacher unpack big philosophical concepts and some of the world’s most enduring questions in an accessible way.

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Ep. 34 What is God? Philosophy of Religion, Part 1 Open Door Philosophy

Join us for this multi-part series on the philosophy of religion. We begin with discussing the scope of this particular branch of philosophy, and then discuss what we can and cannot know about God, which include attributes such as omnipotence and omnibenevolence. We'd love to hear from you! Below are ways you can best contact the show.  Open Door Philosophy on Twitter @d_parsonage or @opendoorphil Open Door Philosophy on Instagram @opendoorphilosophy Open Door Philosophy website at Contact us via email at

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Your hosts: Andrew Graziano and Derek Parsons

Welcome to Open Door Philosophy! Open Door Philosophy

We believe that if you employ the tools associated with philosophical activity, it can give you clarity about yourself and a greater appreciation for the world around you. So be sure and stop by every other Tuesday as we conversationally discuss all kinds of topics as we fill our philosophical tool boxes with the equipment necessary to live a good life.

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