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Welcome to Open Door Philosophy! A podcast where a current college philosophy student and his former high school philosophy teacher unpack big philosophical concepts and some of the world’s most enduring questions in an accessible way.

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Ep. 40 The Ring of Gyges: What Would You Do? Open Door Philosophy

What if you had a magic object, say a ring, that when used would render you invisible, allowing for you to get away with whatever you wanted? How would you use this power? For good actions, or bad? And what is good (virtue) and bad (vice) anyway? Join us as we unpack this classic thought experiment from Plato's The Republic.Open Door Philosophy on Twitter @d_parsonage or @opendoorphilOpen Door Philosophy on Instagram @opendoorphilosophyOpen Door Philosophy website at opendoorphilosophy.comContact us via email at 

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Your hosts: Andrew Graziano and Derek Parsons

Welcome to Open Door Philosophy! Open Door Philosophy

Welcome to Open Door Philosophy! We're happy you stopped by!

We believe that if you employ the tools associated with philosophical activity, it can give you clarity about yourself and a greater appreciation for the world around you. So be sure and stop by every other Tuesday as we conversationally discuss all kinds of topics and help fill your philosophical tool box with the equipment necessary to live a good life.

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