Ep. 30 Epictetus, The Slave Who Became a Stoic Master – Stoic Thinkers Part 4 Open Door Philosophy

Born into slavery in the first century, Epictetus founded a school of philosophy and became a stoic master. Join us for an overview of the life and philosophy of Epictetus. This is part four of our series on Stoic thinkers.  Open Door Philosophy on Twitter @d_parsonage or @opendoorphil  Open Door Philosophy on Instagram @opendoorphilosophy  Open Door Philosophy website at opendoorphilosophy.com  Contact us via email at opendoorphilosophy@gmail.com

4/19/22 – Episode Twenty Nine: Marcus Aurelius, the Stoic Emperor – Stoic Thinkers Part Three

4/5/22 – Episode Twenty Eight: Seneca and the Stoic Life – Stoic Thinkers Part Two

3/22/22 – Episode Twenty Seven: Introduction to Stoicism – Stoic Thinkers Part One

3/8/22 – Episode Twenty Six: Listener Questions

2/22/22 – Episode Twenty Five: Philosophers on Consciousness with Jack Symes

2/8/22 – Episode Twenty Four: The Mind-Body Problem, Part Two

1/25/22 – Episode Twenty Three: The Mind-Body Problem, Part One

11/30/21 – Episode Twenty Two: Our Favorite Philosophy Books

11/16/21 – Episode Twenty One: The Eternal Tao

11/2/21 – Episode Twenty: Introduction To Transcendentalism

10/19/21 – Episode Nineteen: Problems in Philosophy with Dr. Gregory Sadler

10/5/21 – Episode Eighteen: Virtue’s Path To Happiness

9/21/21 – Episode Seventeen: Kant You Get Enough? (Duty Ethics)

9/7/21 – Episode Sixteen: Calculate the Best Decision with Utilitarianism

8/21/21 – Episode Fifteen: Why Morality Matters

8/10/21 – Episode Fourteen: Pragmatism and William James with Guest Jeffrey Howard

7/27/21 – Episode Thirteen: Kierkegaard, the Father of Existentialism

7/13/21 – Episode Twelve: How to Do Philosophy

6/29/21 – Episode Eleven: A Philosopher’s Guide to Friendship

6/15/21 – Episode Ten: Plato on the Soul

6/1/21 – Episode Nine: The Life and Ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche with Guest Carson Knox

5/18/21 – Episode Eight: Falling Upward – A Spirituality For the Second Half of Life

5/4/21 – Episode Seven: What Does it Mean to Die Well?

4/20/21 – Episode Six: Marcus Aurelius and Stoicism

4/6/21 – Episode Five: Who are you? Maybe.

3/23/21 – Episode Four: Do You Exist?

3/9/21 – Episode Three: An Introduction to Aristotle

2/23/21 – Episode Two: Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

2/9/21 – Episode One: What is Philosophy?

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