Utilitarianism: Calculate the Best Possible Decision Open Door Philosophy

Have you ever wondered how you can calculate the best possible decision? For the second episode on our four-episode arc, we take a deep dive into the ethical system, Utilitarianism. We'll talk about the philosophers of Jeremy Bentham and John Stuart-Mill and their approach to how we should live the most ethical lives! Please check out our website at opendoorphilosophy.com where you can find more information about the show and get access to our booklist. Also, feel free to email us any questions or any quotes you want us to review on the podcast by emailing opendoorphilosophy@gmail.com You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram @opendoorphilosophy If your life is in need of some philosophy, the door is always open!

8/21/21 – Episode Fifteen: Why Morality Matters

8/10/21 – Episode Fourteen: Pragmatism and William James with Guest Jeffrey Howard

7/27/21 – Episode Thirteen: Kierkegaard, the Father of Existentialism

7/13/21 – Episode Twelve: How to Do Philosophy

6/29/21 – Episode Eleven: A Philosopher’s Guide to Friendship

6/15/21 – Episode Ten: Plato on the Soul

6/1/21 – Episode Nine: The Life and Ideas of Friedrich Nietzsche with Guest Carson Knox

5/18/21 – Episode Eight: Falling Upward – A Spirituality For the Second Half of Life

5/4/21 – Episode Seven: What Does it Mean to Die Well?

4/20/21 – Episode Six: Marcus Aurelius and Stoicism

4/6/21 – Episode Five: Who are you? Maybe.

3/23/21 – Episode Four: Do You Exist?

3/9/21 – Episode Three: An Introduction to Aristotle

2/23/21 – Episode Two: Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

2/9/21 – Episode One: What is Philosophy?

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